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Published: 12th August 2021

Citation: Astronist Institution. (2021). Predetermination. Available: Last accessed [enter date e.g. 15th Aug 2021].


noun  Astrosoteriology

one of three contrasting approaches to the structure of the Sideresis corresponding to a type of fatalism asserting that the scope of man and all other events (both to the benefit and detriment of humanity) were determined by events preceding them in order to fulfil the prophecy of returnism; this concept of how events are sequenced lends itself to the ultimate explanations of cosmic consciousness or divine intervenience; this, in turn, subjects the endeavour of transcension (return to the astronomical world) to human actions in the form of positive scope and negative scope. Scope is necessary


Astrofatalism | ˈ astrəʊˈ feɪtəlɪz(ə)m | noun
Astrofatalist | ˈ astrəʊˈ feɪtəlɪst | adjective & noun
Astrofatalistic | ˈ astrəʊˈ feɪtəlɪstɪk | adjective
Predeterminism | priː dɪtəːmɪˈ nɪz(ə)m | noun
Predeterminationist | priː dɪtəːmɪˈ neɪʃ(ə)nɪst | adjective & noun
Preselectionism | priː sɪˈ lɛkʃ(ə)nɪz(ə)m | adverb


Astro-English: the word predetermination used within Astronism resembles the general meaning of the term outside an Astronist context.

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