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Cosmology of Astronism

Published: 2nd August 2020

Citation: Astronist Institution. (2020). Cosmology of Astronism. Available: Last accessed: [date].

the body of Astronist principles and beliefs concerning the structure, nature and development of the universe.

The Astronist cosmology is distinguished by its three-tiered nature which interprets the known physical universe as The Cosmos, external to which is the infinite nature of The Universe, and throughout which The Divine as the sustaining and creating principle permeates and penetrates. Essential to the Astronist conception of the physical universe is the notion that The Cosmos is fundamentally limited in its nature, owing to the limited nature everything that exists within it. Although central is the notion that an infinite number of other cosmoses exist in The Universe to form The Omniverse, these other cosmoses are believed to be forever segregated from our own physical existence due to the impossibility of a limited, cosmic being from transcending the accelerating expanding periphery of The Cosmos.



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